Apps Vocab Bits 2

Find the best sentence for each of these words. You can type the words or copy & paste them. Check your answers by clicking Submit at the end. 

newcomer  -  add  -  classical  -  favourite -  access  -  completely  -  allow -  borrow - functions

I don’t students to use dictionaries during a test.

Could you  more sugar to my coffee, please?

I don’t really like music. It sounds boring to me. 

You are allowed to 50 items from the library at a time.

After a few years here, you probably won’t feel like a anymore. 

This watch has so many different , but I don’t really use them. 

If you leave your dog or cat at home alone, they should always have to clean fresh water. 

Oh, I forgot about this meeting, and now it’s too late!

What’s your weekend activity? 

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