Difficult Job Vocab 2

Find the best sentence for each of these words. You can type the words or copy & paste them. Check your answers by clicking Submit at the end.

environment  -  wage - improve - mean (verb, v.) - last (verb, v.) - mean (adjective, adj.) - source - shift - occasional - amusement park - prefer

Those comments made her cry.
Our company is very serious about safe and positive work    for all employees.

I tea to coffee. = I like tea more than coffee.

Working night all the time can be really difficult.

This bag is more expensive, but I’m sure it will much longer than those cheaper ones.
, she didn’t really like that job.
Milk and other dairy products are a good of calcium.
I hope this website will help many learners their English.
Even though the work was not easy, they only paid minimum .
I loved going to -s as a kid, but today most of the modern rides seem scary to me.
Even if you rarely drive your parents’ car, you should still be listed as an driver on the insurance policy.

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