From High School to University Self-Check

Find the best sentence for each of these words. (You can type the words or copy & paste them)

average    competitive  conditional   admission  marks  extracurricular   grade  requirement

Rental market in Toronto is very  these days. There are usually at least a few applicants for a rental unit that’s available. 

Some schools may have some activities offered after the end of the school day, such as a chess club or a school choir. Unfortunately, many do not have much.

She is a very strict teacher. It is not easy to get high in her class. 

Grade 11 and 12   is very important for university admission in Canada. 

Many museums in Britain offer free . I wish we had that in Canada.

 If you would like to apply to a university program, you need to meet their admission

My kid is graduating from high school this year. I can’t believe he is in 12! Time flies. 

When buying a home, some buyers make a offer. An example can be that they will buy this house IF they can sell their house first. 

My son (a high school graduate) keeps checking his inbox many times a day. It’s that time of the year, waiting for university  letters. 

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