How landlords find tenants 1 vocab bits 2

Find the best sentence for each of these words. (You can type the words or copy & paste them)

lease  -  expectations -  applicant  -  connection - crisis - response - realtor -  advertise

The choice was very difficult because there were over a hundred s for this job opening.

We thought we hired a few good employees, but one of them did not meet the , so we are hiring again.

The police could not find any between the two attacks. 

Many small private landlords do not hire s when they need to find a tenant.

There are a few popular websites where we can our services. 

I sent my resume to about 50 companies in the last few weeks, and finally got a few s today. 

Sri-Lanka had a serious economic in 2022.

I did not buy this car, I signed a 4-year

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