How Landlords Find Tenants 2 vocab bits 1

Match these words with their meanings below.

You can type the words or copy & paste them.

guarantee  - make up - confirm - relationship - responsible - credit rating - employment  - bank statement - fair - kick out


to add something else to something to make sure it meets the expectations - make up

document that lists the amounts of money taken out of and paid into the bank account -

a number or a letter grade that tells about how likely a person or a company to pay back the money that they borrow -

connection between people or objects -

good, right -

to show that something is true or correct by checking it -

to make someone leave a place or a job -

having a job -
to make sure that something will happen; for example, to pay money for somebody if they cannot do it -

a person that can be trusted to make good decisions, -

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