Living in Toronto/My Neighbourhood 2 Transcript Practice

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diverse  - landlord - store - affordable - nature -  mid-rise

Yuliya: So, Matt, would you like, would you mind telling me where you live? 
Matt: Sure. So I live in a apartment building. It’s a little outside downtown, like, it's not really downtown, but it's close. It’s about a seven-story building and it's on a street that’s all residential buildings. There’s  apartment buildings for two or three blocks, probably there's like 5,000 people that live on my street. It's a pretty dense area. 
Yuliya: And what do you like about it ?

Matt: It's a nice neighbourhood in some ways. It’s a very place. There’s immigrants from lots of parts of the world, there's a lot of different cultures. In particular, one thing I really like about the neighbourhood is that it's close to the lake, so I can spend time…
There’s a lot of parks nearby, there’s a lot of nearby, so that's really pleasant. There's also a lot of interesting shopping in my neighbourhood.

Even though it's outside of the downtown there’s a lot of interesting restaurants, interesting , so there's always something to do, there’s lots of things going on. 

Yuliya: Great, sounds like a really nice place to live. Is there anything you don't like about it?
Matt: Ah, one thing I really don't like about my neighbourhood is actually the building that I live in. I've been living here for about 10 years, mostly because it's pretty , but the building has a lot of problems. Our elevator frequently breaks.

When people need repairs, it can take a lot of effort to get the to come and look at it, and then often when they come to look at it, they don't do a great job. So you need to call them to come back again. So it's not ideal but it is one of the more affordable neighborhoods in the city so that's why, that's why I'm staying here. I don't really want to go and move somewhere else where I'll be paying a lot more.

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