Ralph Rent Transcript Practice

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 storage -  load -  renovation  -  transportation -  basement  -  inconvenient

Yuliya: So Ralph, how do you like the building you live in? 
Ralph: It's okay, we like it. We're living in a 9-story apartment building, what we call a mid-rise building. It's not a high-rise and it's not a low-rise, we call it a mid-rise building. There's about, I think, between 50 and 60 different apartments in the building. The location is really good, it's close to   and all the services. It’s close to grocery stores and all the other amenities that you need for your life. 

The building itself is a bit old, though, so what that means is, for example, there's one elevator. So if someone is moving into or out of the building, it can get really busy. If the elevator needs to be serviced, then you're taking the stairs. So that's fine for me, but some of the older people in the building find that , for sure.
We have a parking garage in the basement and recently they did a to connect the parking garage to the building. In the past, we had to go outside and down the stairs into the parking garage, but now we could go down to the parking garage in the building, which is nice. 
There are storage lockers in the basement as well. When we moved in, the  locker was included in the rent, but now you have to pay a rental to have a storage locker, so we benefited a lot there.
There's no laundry in the unit, so we have to go to the to do our laundry in the laundry room, but it's well-maintained and there's no problem there. 
You have to use a card, and you up your card and use the value on your card. You tap the machine to start the machine.

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