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Yuliya: Paul, I've heard you   Toronto Public Library a lot. Would you mind telling us more about it? What do you like about it? What does it offer?

Paul: I do use it a lot. I never , but with technology changing I've actually found myself using the library more, which may surprise people, 

because I think some people may use it less because maybe they feel they don't need to actually go to the library to get a book because there's so many other . However, the Toronto Public Library has actually kept up with modern technology and has used a lot of that technology in their system. So getting a library card is worth it not just for books but for lots of things. 

So sometimes I will want to read just a regular paper book, so I will go on their website, see if they have it, and place a hold. If my branch doesn't have it, another will send it over.
It's amazing how this free service can be so . I really think more people should use it.

But it's not just a book. I also read library e-books on my tablet or my phone if I'm on the subway. I listen to audio books that I get from the library on my phone when I'm at the gym or walking to work, or cleaning the house. They're great and they're free, and they are on a free app for your smartphone called Libby - L - I - B - B - Y. 
It's a free app you can download. It's very easy to use, and they have thousands and thousands of audio books on there. I really like to get audio books that are read by the author ‘cause it really adds a lot to the book, especially if it’s a biography.  I recently listened to Barack Obama’s very long autobiography and it was…

Yuliya: Did he read it?  

Paul: …and it was him reading it, And you can the speed when you're listening to an audiobook, which is very useful for students learning English. If they think that it’s too fast, you can make it a bit slower. If you think it's too slow, you can make it faster. 

Barack Obama speaks very slowly, so I actually changed the speed of his voice to .  He does have a very long book and he does speak very slowly. 
Yuliya: Like an ESL teacher almost…
Paul: Yeah. 
Yuliya: And it could be very useful for language learners.

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