About This Website

Dear English Language Bits visitors and users,

My name is Yuliya, and I am offering you a website for English learners and teachers.

This website is a growing collection of short audio clips recorded by real people speaking about real things. We add videos whenever possible, and there are language practice activities. Learners can practice on their own devices and get feedback right away. Teachers can use the materials with their learners, print handouts, or use them as teaching suggestions. You can search the content by topic or level to choose what is interesting for you.

The short audio/video clips have been recorded by ordinary Canadians – my wonderful friends and colleagues from the Canadian Centre for Language and Cultural Studies, CCLCS (www.cclcs.ca). The conversations are on different topics, from renting a place to looking for work.

Right now, the audios/videos are mostly for intermediate and advanced learners (B1-C1, or CLB 4-7), but we will be adding materials for beginners as well. 

The plan is to continue building other sections, such as Grammar Bits, Reading Bits, and Teaching Bits, so you can subscribe for our updates below to ensure you do not miss new additions. 

We are thankful to the International Research Foundation for English Language Education (TIRF) for a grant that made the initial set-up of this website possible.

If you find our website useful in any way, we welcome donations, no matter how small, because at the moment the project is growing from volunteer contributions of many kind and hardworking people – my family, friends, and colleagues. Our goal is to keep the study materials free for everyone, but we will be grateful for any pay-what-you-can support. You can also support us by subscribing to our YouTube channel @EnglishLanguageBits, liking and/or commenting on our videos.

I hope this website helps, among others, millions of my fellow Ukrainians around the world to improve their own lives, defeat evil, and make this world a better, kinder place. 

We will be happy to hear from you any time through this feedback form, email at EnglishLanguageBits@gmail.com, or a comment on our videos @EnglishLanguageBits

You are welcome to join our team for a few minutes to make an audio recording or in any other role that would fit you.

Thank you for visiting this page, and best of luck in your learning or teaching!


Yuliya Desyatova, PhD (University of Toronto)