My Neighbourhood 1 Transcript Practice

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Yuliya: So, Kimberly, could you tell me more about the part of the city where you live in? 
Kimberley: Oh, I live downtown West and… It's a really great because it's within walking distance to busier downtown areas.

But my street, for example, it's a really, really short street. There are maybe a hundred houses maximum. So very, and it’s a very quiet area, which is lovely. So it’s the best of both worlds.

I feel like I can walk, if I want to be somewhere that… if I'm going to work, or I want to be somewhere that's just busier, or I want more . But if I want to stay home, it's really peaceful here, it’s a quiet street. There's a little playground in a park at the end of it there. So it's a nice family area, I think.

Yuliya: And you are still close to the downtown, right, which is…? 
Kimberley: Yeah, I feel, so, depends on what you call downtown exactly… But for example, to where I work I can walk in half an hour, and that's like fairly close to the downtown, and yeah, perfect. And then, the other good thing about this area is if I wanted to be somewhere farther afield, you know, the city has really good public transit, although people complain, but… So if I did want to get downtown or further, and I didn’t want to walk, there are options right near my home, so that's great. 

Yuliya: So I'm guessing that's one of your favourite things? Or is there anything else you like? 
Kimberley: Yes, there's, there are a surprising number of delicious restaurants, near, on both sides, north and south of me, and actually I would have to say, those are my favourite things, truly. I love to eat and I'm so fortunate to be in a neighbourhood that has, or near, I guess, a neighbourhood that has lots of multicultural restaurants, and I can never get bored of eating food from other countries.
Yuliya: Cool! Is there anything you don't like about your neighbourhood?

Kimberley: Well, so I did mention that my street is very quiet and is very short, although we are bordered to the north and to the east by fairly busy streets, so I don't hear a lot of traffic from my house but just you do have to cross some busier streets to get from where I live to anywhere else and that's just life in the big city, but you know, that does make for a less walk, let’s say. But once, but having said that, once I cross the streets, the busy streets, I’m very close to just back to residential quiet side streets, so I feel like no, not even that much that I dislike about it, really. 
Yuliya: Great! Thank you for sharing that! 

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