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fare  -  load  - transit -  tap - cash - ride - entrance - pharmacies

Yuliya: So, Ampi, would you mind telling me, how can we pay for transit in Toronto?

Ampi: Well, there are a few ways in which you can pay for to travel within the city. The first way is going to a subway station and going to a machine that is called vending machine, that is in all TTC [Toronto Transit Commision] subway stations, and you can buy a card and load it with this machine. The card has a cost of $6 and you can put some money on the card and  it has to be a minimum of five [dollars]. 

And this card, you can it, which means you put the card next to the  of a subway or you can use it on buses or streetcars. So this is one way.

You can also buy this card, which is called Presto, at most pharmacies that are called Shoppers Drug Mart. We have many of these Shoppers Drug Mart around Toronto, they are very popular. So you could buy a Presto card at one of these pharmacies, and you can also put money in it, which we usually call loading, so you can your card.

So, as I said, the Presto card itself, you only buy it one time and it costs 6 dollars and then you can load it with any amount of money. The first time should be a minimum of 5 dollars. 

You can also buy a Presto Pass, which is a single , which means you are going somewhere one way, and you can also buy it at any TTC subway station, and they usually take , which are mostly bills and coins, such as $1 or $2, or you can pay it with your credit card.

Yuliya: Yeah, I really like it in Toronto that you can go anywhere you want and only pay once during the two hours, for any kind of public transportation - subway, buses, or streetcars. So when I go somewhere by TTC, I remember the time when I tap my Presto card first and I will try to get on my bus or subway to get home before the two hours pass. It saves a lot of money… 

But for those who use public transit a lot, a monthly pass can be a good idea.

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