Toronto Public Library Transcript Practice

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Yuliya: So, Paul, what is your favourite thing about Toronto Public Library?
Paul: My very    thing about the library is… With your library card, in the past, you could go to the library and get a VHS tape, or DVD, or Blu-ray. And actually you can still do that with DVDs and Blu-ray discs. I don’t really do that anymore because I don’t have a player.

However, there are two apps that I know of that are free, very similar to Netflix but you don't pay.  One is called Kanopy, Kanopy spelled with a K,  K - A - N - O - P - Y. 
It's a free app you can download to your desktop, your , your tablet, your phone, your smart TV.

And the first time you open the app, you put in your Toronto library card information, and then it will remember that. And that will   you to watch up to eight films a month.

So it's like going to the library, you know, they have a maximum number of books that you can borrow, it's the same idea. So you can watch about 8 films a month, totally free. And they have films from all over the world. You can watch films in your first language, if you're a
They all have English subtitles. I think there's a function to change the language of the subtitles. I've never tried it, but I'm pretty sure they have that. 

You can watch    black-and-white films from, you know, the forties, you can watch modern films, they have lots of documentaries, and they are always adding films every week. 

They send me an email every week with the new films they  -ed. 

There's another app that's very similar, called Hoopla, spelled H - O - O - P  - L - A.
It's very similar, it’s free, you can   eight films at a time. You use your library card and they've got apps for every different kind of device. 
I don't use it as much because I find the variety of films isn't as good as Kanopy, but sometimes they have films that Kanopy doesn’t have. 

Yuliya: So basically everything you need to do to have to all this is just a library card?

Paul: Just a library card, which is really easy to get. You can go into any branch around the city and show them a piece of photo ID that has your address on it, and say you would like a library card, they will give you one very quickly, and it's   free. 
Yuliya: Thank you so much for sharing that. 
Paul: You're welcome.

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