Difficult Job Vocab 1 Drop down

Choose the best word to match.

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environment  -  turnover - improve - mean (verb, v.) - last (verb, v.) - mean (adjective, adj.) - source - shift - occasional - amusement park - prefer

opposite of good or kind  - 

to like something or someone more than another thing/person - 

one of the periods of time during each day and night when a group of workers are at work before being replaced by another group of workers - 

happening sometimes but not often or regularly - 

to make something better - 

a large park with many special machines that you can have fun rides on - 

the people and things that are around you in your life; the general situation you are in - 

to have a particular meaning; to want to say something - 

when workers leave their jobs and need to be replaced with new employees -

where you get something from - 

to continue for some time; to be in good condition - 

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