How Landlords Find Tenants 1 Transcript practice

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lease  -  expectation - crisis -  applicant  -  connection - response - realtor -  advertise

Yuliya: Tim, you mentioned you are a .
I think it could be very helpful to hear a landlord's perspective on experience with [the] rental in Toronto.

It may help tenants try and meet landlord s, I hope. So, how do small private landlords go about renting their place?

Tim: Okay. Well, I can't speak for all private landlords, but what I do is I have d on websites, particularly Kijiji ‘cause that's a very popular one.
I usually get a very big response. I think the last time I did that I had probably seven or eight s, and that was very, very good. But most of the time, or many times, I've depended on word-of-mouth.
So friends of the tenants when they’re moving out, friends might come take a look, and I’ve d to them.
That's been very, very useful especially because if they're recommended by the tenants that I have, then that's something positive about this new tenant, or this new .

Yuliya: Do you ever use anybody's help, like a realtor?

Tim: No, no, I've never done that. I know that s can do a very thorough job. They can check credit ratings and things like that. Also, they're objective, it's not their own place, so they can ask questions and do it like a job. 

I think I also like to make sure that I like the person, because it happens that the rental units, I have two, the rental units are next door to me. So I'm not just choosing a tenant, I’m also choosing a neighbour, so it's nice if I get along or if I can talk to them, and I like to have that more personal . I think a lot of small private landlords might feel the same just because they have only a few units, two or three or four maybe, and so they have a closer connection to their tenants.

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