How landlords find tenants 1 vocab bits 1

Match these words with their meanings below.

You can type the words or copy & paste them.

lease  -  expectation - crisis -  applicant  -  connection - response - realtor -  advertise -  word-of-mouth


when people hear about something from other people they know - word-of-mouth

relationship between something or somebody -

answer -

somebody who has formally asked for something (a service, a place to live, a job, etc.) -

a professional assisting in selling, buying, or leasing real estate (property) -

a situation in which there are a lot of problems that one needs to deal with quickly so that the situation does not get worse or more dangerous -

to make a posting or an announcement about a new product or service to get attention -

an agreement that allows you to use a building or a car in return for regular payments -

something that you think, hope, or believe should happen -

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