How Landlords Find Tenants 2 vocab bits 2

Find the best sentence for each of these words. (You can type the words or copy & paste them)

guarantee  - make up  - confirm - relationship - responsible - credit rating - employment  - bank statements - kick out - fair

Landlords may ask for a copy of a with your application. 

A few big companies in Canada collect information on everybody’s credit history and calculate based on this information. 

There is a very strong between the food we eat and our health.

The bank will only lend me money if my parents the loan.

I know I can leave my little daughter with my older son for an hour or two. He is very

Two other witnesses ed what the suspect said. 

It is a good place to work. We have a great boss, he is very

I am saving as much money as I can to buy a home in the next few years, and my parents will the difference if I don’t have enough for a downpayment.  

One needs full-time to be able to pay for living in a large city.

the prime minister was ed out of his position

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