Vocab Bits 1

Match these words with their meanings below.

You can type the words or copy & paste them. Check your answers by clicking Submit at the end.

throwback - concept -  biased - component - faith - mass -  fund -  well-behaved  -  impression - take - baptize


someone’s opinion about a situation or idea - take

the opinion or feeling you have about someone or something because of the way they seem -

unfairly preferring one person or group over another -

to provide money for an activity or to an organization -

a part -

to accept someone as a member of the Christian church by a ceremony of baptism -

behaving in a calm polite way, and not being rude -

idea -

something that is similar to something that existed in the past, or belongs to the past -

a strong feeling of trust or confidence in someone or something; religion -

the main ceremony in some Christian churches, especially the Roman Catholic Church -

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